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Call Us to Be Part of Our Next Pet Loss Support Group

Your Healing Begins Here

The death of a companion animal can be a devastating experience. Yet grieving is a natural human process and a vital part of healing.

Our virtual pet loss support group in Pleasanton, California creates a safe place where you can learn how to make meaning of your thoughts and feelings. The group provides support as you honor your grief and move forward with your life. You will have the opportunity to describe events that led to your pet's death, challenges you may want to explore, or topics such as guilt, anxiety, or other effects of grief.

Before attending - currently the group is virtual only - we ask that you take part in a brief phone interview to describe what led to your pet’s death and how you have been coping with the loss. You may call either group facilitator: Michele at 925-683-8463 or Leslie at 925-216-2569.


Remember Wonderful Moments With Your Departed Pets

“When you clear away all of the emotional confusion, there is this: all we can give our pets is a Good Life. We can’t do more than that. We miss them because that life was good, loving, and joyful. Too often this truth is lost in our grieving.”

- Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die by Jon Katz

Directions to the Pet Loss Support Group

(In-person group has been suspended.  Meetings are currently virtual.)

Our pet loss support group meets at the Tri-Valley Community Counseling Office. It is located at 739 Main Street, Suite G, Pleasanton, California. You can find the office inside a two-story brick building between St. John and St. Mary streets, next to the US Bank.

If you enter between 739 Main Street and the US Bank, there is ample parking at the back. The stairwell there leads to the office waiting area. You can also enter from the Main Street side. Please be reminded that the building has no elevator.

The support group meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. This is a drop-in group, so the number of attendees will vary. When you arrive, there will be a registration form to complete as well as information about confidentiality, consumer information, and group rules/guidelines. You will receive a folder containing material about grieving, guilt, healing activities, memorial ideas, and resources.

You will be invited to bring a photo of your pet and share your fond memories together. We typically end our session with a poem or memorial ritual. Our pet loss support group charges no fee, but we gratefully accept donations.


Your Companion Animals will Live On in Your Heart

Losing a pet is truly a heartbreaking moment. Heal your broken heart with help from Tri-Valley Pet Loss. We provide grief support and pet loss recovery services in and around Tri-Valley area, California.

You May Not Seem Okay Now, but With Time You Will Find a Way to Heal

Tri-Valley Pet Loss will help validate the thoughts and feelings you may experience and provide tips to help you cope with pet loss.

“We wish we could hold them forever. We wish we could tell them how much they mean to us and that we’ll always remember them…but they already know.”

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